Commissioned gallery
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For Ola, a 1950s cocktail dress made from Kenyan batik:

kokoleo dress

Jessie, from her grandmother's velvet:


For the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh:


For the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, to hang
in the Church Divinity School of the Pacific seminary:

For Tiffany, and old friend from camp Peterkin.

Peterkin banner

Peterkin banner

Peterkin banner


For Amy, from her late brother-in-law's favorite shirt:


For the Shenandoah School in Sheperdstown, West Virginia:


For a local dance troupe:

poodle dance skirts


For Not Your Mama's Stitching Book:

For a U.K. webshop:

For Dominic: (for a gift):

For Jasmine:

Two adult aprons for Carole's daughters:

reverse side and bow:

For Brooke, a growth chart:

For Caroline:

For Izzy:

For Tracy in Los Angeles:

another tote for Tracy:

For Lela in N.Y.C.:

For Lizzie in Santa Monica:

For Pamela in Tucson:

For Melissa in Ontario:

For Becky in Washington, D.C.:

For Jasmine:

A maternity wedding dress.